Report a New Strain of XP Antivirus

XP Antivirus Remover is designed to remove several variations of XP Antivirus. It's very possibly that new or mutated strains are also out there that we cannot remove. Join the fight and send us information on new strains! We can use this information to remove any other versions that may be out there. Thanks for your help!

What to report?

If XP Antivirus (or a version thereof) is running on your system. The most important information for you to send is a list of actively running processes. You can get this information several ways: 1) Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, open Task Manager, click on Processes, click Print Scrn, and paste into an email, or 2) Download and run HijackThis, and send the results in an email, or 3) if you know the name of the offending process, just send us the exe name.

Send your report to:

Please note, we do not provide any support at this email address and you probably will not receive a reply from our team. We still appreciate your help, though.